About Reddotsignal®

Design, develop and manufacture obstruction lights. Provide Obstruction lighting solutions for various industries.
About Reddotsignal
About Us

The Manufacturer and Solution Provider of Obstruction lights

Founded in 2011, REDDOT has been designing and manufacturing obstruction lighting products, ranging from low intensity, medium intensity, solar obstruction lights to control box, power box and accessories for obstruction lights. REDDOT provides economical obstruction lighting solutions to meet requirements from various industries.

REDDOT is located in Shanghai which allows us to have talented engineers for R&D and experienced workers for manufacturing, source quality of components, and have lean management of processing, testing and quality control. REDDOT is certified to ISO9001.

Our mission is to provide our customers with durable obstruction lighting products in terms of performance and reliability.

Our Goals


The latest optics/structures/electronics and other technologies and processes are integrated into the products to continuously improve the products and provide better products to our customers.


Through the research on industry applications, we aim at creating more application solutions and provide a better user interface and experience by using our product portfolio. Our technical support makes customers understand and maintain our products easily, which provides richer support for our global distributors.

Social Responsibities

More energy saving, more material saving, more environmentally friendly, and minimize the consumption of resources.

Our Solutions

Obstruction Lighting Solutions for Industries

Over years of experience in supplying complete obstruction lighting kits for structures in various industries, REDDOT has a large database for obstruction lighting solutions of telecom towers, transmission pylons, buildings, cranes, wind turbines, chimneys, etc. REDDOT is agile and capable of customizing solutions to suit your requirements.

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Our Facts


Company typePrivate
Company focusDesign, development and manufacturing of: •obstruction lights and related accessories •obstruction lighting system for various industries
Company locationShanghai
Company size1000sqm
Number of employees12+
Products•Low, medium and solar obstruction lights •control box, power/backup box for obstruction lights •Aircraft warning spheres •Accessories
Application industries•Telecom •Electricity •Building •Construction •Industrial plants •Wind energy •Mining •Airfield

Our Leadership

Charlie dong_CEO_Reddotsignal

Charlie Dong - Managing Director

Charlie Dong is experienced in mechanical design and electronic design in the obstruction lighting industry. REDDOT is proud of having him with his knowledge and leadership in company strategy, R&D management, manufacturing processes, finance and business development.

Years of Experience