Control boxes for obstruction lights

Obstruction Lighting Controllers/Power Boxes

The control box for obstruction lights is a significant device in some circumstances. Not only can a control box centrally control functions (e.g.: steady/flashing, service+service/service+standby, photosensing, bypass, etc) of obstruction lights connected to it, but also it allows users to monitor obstruction lights’ operation status and receive alarm notifications if any failure.

REDDOT provides thorough controlling solutions of low and medium intensity obstruction lights for various tall structures: telecommunication towers, buildings, tower cranes, wind turbines, chimneys, etc. REDDOT control boxes enable users to control obstruction lights’ operation (e.g.: steady/flashing, service+service/service+standby, photosensor, bypass, etc), monitor operation status from its interface. REDDOT control boxes contain NO and NC dry alarm contacts for users monitoring remotely.

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