Aviation Obstruction Lights | Aircraft Warning Lights

The Aviation obstruction light (A.K.A, Aircraft Warning Light) is a signal lighting equipment which is deployed on tall structures, such as telecommunication towers, pylons, skyscrapers, tower cranes, wind turbines, chimneys and cooling towers, etc. The main purpose of obstruction lights is to signal pilots that there are obstructions above ground level and actions need to be taken to avoid collisions.

Photometric characteristics, in terms of obstruction light’s intensity, vertical beam and horizontal spread, are critical to increase tall structures’ conspicuity for aviation safety. Therefore, aviation authority bodies, such as ICAO and FAA, classify three types of obstacle lights (low intensity, medium intensity and high intensity).  In addition to compulsory optical requirements needed to comply, what types of obstruction lights should be used in which scenario is also detailed in obstruction light standards.

In REDDOT aviation obstruction lights, you can find common electric powered (85-265VAC / 12-48VDC) aviation warning lights, solar powered aircraft warning lights and obstruction light controllers.

Aviation Obstruction light
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