JB2X-PDB/DIN Series Junction Box for Obstruction Lights

  • For connecting ≥3 obstruction lights’ power and alarm wires
  • With distribution terminals/DIN-rail terminals
  • With cable gland and silicon gasket, IP65
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JB2X-PDB/JB2X-DIN series junction box is an ideal solution for connecting more than two obstruction lights’ power and alarm wires in parallel.

This series junction box’s enclosure is powder painted aluminum alloy. With nickel-plated brass cable glands and an o-ring silicone gasket, the junction box’s protection grade is IP65.

JB2X-PDB contains multiple 1-IN and multiple-OUT power distribution terminal blocks, which allow users to connect multiple obstruction lights in parallel into one power input and one alarm input. Same functionalities as JB2X-PDB, JB2X-DIN contains multiple DIN-rail terminals and pre-plugged jumpers to combine multiple power and alarm outputs in parallel into one. In a typical FAA A1 system with one F864 medium intensity beacon and two OL32 single sidelights, if users only reserve one dry alarm port for obstruction lighting system, JM2X-PDB/DIN will be used for connecting the three outputs’ power wires in parallel into one power input and connecting the three outputs’ alarm wires in parallel into one alarm input.


  • Suitable for connecting over two obstruction lights’ power and alarm wires in parallel
  • Aluminum alloy enclosure powder coated provides good weather and corrosion resistance
  • Internal distribution terminals/DIN-rail terminal connected in parallel, no need for terminal jumpers
  • Nickel-plated brass cable glands and o-ring gasket provide IP65 waterproof protection


JB2X-PDB/DIN technical specifications
Terminal typeDistribution terminal blockDIN-rail terminal block
Number of Terminals5 (1 input and multiple outputs/terminal block)Number of OB outputs * 5
Number of ways≥4
Number of OB Outputs≥3
Number of OB Inputs1 Power output & 1 Alarm output
EnlosureDie-casting aluminum
Number of cable glandsNumber of OB outputs +1 or 2
Size of cable glandsM20/M25, Nickel plated brass
Dimension (H*W*Depth)180mm*173mm*88mm
MountingWall mounting / Ubolt mounting
Applicable for≥3 OBL’s power wires and alarm wires connecting in parallel to one power input and one alarm input

Ordering Code

JB2X-PDB/DIN junction box Ordering Code
SeriesNumber of OutputsNumber of Input cable glandsTerminal type
JB2Variable1 (1 cable gland for power & alarm input)PDB (Distribution block terminals)
2 (2 cable glands for power & alarm input)DIN (DIN-rail terminals)
E.g.:JB23-PDB = Junction box for three obstruction lights’ power and alarm wires, distribution terminal type

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