F86465 AC LED Medium Intensity Red/White Dual Aviation Obstruction Light Datasheet

F86465 medium intensity red/white dual beacon AC system consists of a 48VDC F86465 flash head and a 240W power converter box. The 48VDC F86465 light head can operate range from 24VDC to 48VDC. Incorporated a microcontroller, it flashes white light 20,000 candelas at daytime and red light 2,000 candelas at nighttime. F86465’s LED module consists of014 pcs OSRAM red LEDs and 42 pcs OSRAM super-power white LEDs. The optical design ensures the effective intensity and spread beam meet the criteria of FAA L-864/L-865 and ICAO medium intensity type A/B & type A/C. The 240W converter box is capable of converting universal AC (90-264VAC) to 48VDC for powering the F86465 48VDC light head. F86465 AC system is an ideal solution where the power module can be easily accessible to be maintained.

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