F865-DC LED Medium Intensity White Obstruction Light Datasheet

F865-DC is a medium intensity white obstruction beacon operating under 24-48VDC. It illuminates 20,000 candelas at daytime and automatically dims to 2,000 candelas at nighttime. F865 model is compliant to FAA L-865 and ICAO medium intensity type A. F865 medium intensity LED obstruction light can work independently with self-controlled configurations (e.g., built-in photocell, flashing program, GPS) as an economical solution. In a central controlling and monitoring system, CB3 control box can connect multiple levels of F865 beacons to achieve synchronous or sequential flashing. The white medium intensity obstruction light is usually used for unpainted structures over 45m, such as radio and TV towers, chimneys, cooling towers and skyscrapers.

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