PSUA220D48 Power Box for Obstruction Lights

Short Description

  • Universal AC input, 85-265VAC, 50-60Hz; 48VDC output
  • High-quality power converter, efficiency>90%
  • Outdoor type, IP65
  • With DIN-rail terminal blocks, circuit breaker and surge protector



PSUA220D48 series power box is used when users’ power supply is AC and lights’ operation voltage is 48VDC.

With high-quality converter(s) with over 90% efficiency, the power box is capable of converting universal AC (90-264VAC) to 48VDC (48-55VDC). The power of the converter box depends on the load power of obstruction lights.

DIN-rail terminal blocks save wiring time and enhance wiring safety. A 2P circuit breaker is effective in protecting converters from overload. A surge protector enhances protection against voltage fluctuation and lightning strikes.

The power box can be used for a single obstruction light, for example, a 480W power box for a F86465 unit. In some cases, a power box with high power is used for multiple medium intensity lights in a system.