CB3 Control box for Medium Intensity Obstruction lights

Short Description

  • CAN-Bus technology
  • Universal AC input, 85-265VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Three light outputs, each output can connect unlimited numbers of F864/F86465/F865
  • Synchronize all lights or sequence flashing “middle-top-bottom”
  • Bypass switch for photocell “DAY-AUTO-NIGHT”
  • LED indicators for lights, power and photocell
  • NO & NC alarm relay for failures of lights, power and photocell
  • Outdoor type, IP65
  • With DIN-rail terminal blocks, circuit breaker and surge protector



Incorporated CAN-Bus technology, the CB3 control box is capable of controlling and monitoring REDDOT LED medium intensity obstruction lights via signals. Compared to the traditional power-switch type of control box, the CB3 control box eliminates damages to obstruction lights and enhances reliability.

CB3 control box contains three light outputs. Each output can connect unlimited numbers of F864/F865/F86465 medium intensity obstruction lights, thanks to logic signals transmission.

CB3 control box is an ideal solution for three levels of medium intensity lights. CB3 can synchronize the flashing of all lights on three levels. In some applications, it flashes the three levels’ lights in sequential order (middle-top-bottom). When the obstruction lighting system includes F86465 or F865 units, the CB3 control box flashes 20,000cd white beacons at day and automatically dims lights to 2,000cd at night.

Equipped with a 40W power converter, users can input universal 85-265VAC to the CB3 control box. With a Form C dry alarm relay (NO&NC), the control box can transmit any obstruction lighting system’s failure to users’ alarm devices.

A PHC01 photocell connected to the CB3 control box is for detecting the ambient environment and automatically switching the operation mode of obstruction lights. A bypass switch on the interface panel allows users to bypass the photocell for permanently lightening or testing.

DIN-rail terminal blocks save wiring time and enhance wiring safety. A 2P circuit breaker is effective in protecting converters from overload. A surge protector enhances protection against voltage fluctuation and lightning strikes.