CTRS4-6A Control Box for obstruction lights Datasheet

Similar to CTRS4 controller, the CTRS4-6A control box is also used for controlling and monitoring RedDot LED low intensity and medium intensity aviation obstruction lights. With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-set switches, customers can configure desired functions and monitor obstruction lighting systems. There are four light outputs (max. 1A load/output). Practically, for example, under 48VDC, each output connects one OM2K or F864 medium intensity light, or up to eight OL32/OL100 low intensity lights. CTRS4-6A contains six alarm relays. Four are for four light outputs and two are for power and photocell. Each dry contact includes both NO and NC points. CTRS4-6A is a suitable control box for users to identify which part of the obstruction lighting system fails for easy troubleshooting.

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