UPS for AC Obstruction lighting System

Short Description
  • Input voltage range: 165-265VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Pure sinewave adaptable to harsh environment
  • Built-in high quality VRLA battery with BMS
  • Extended battery box available for energy-consuming OB system
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Unlit obstruction lights due to power loss imposes significant risks on aircrafts and tall structures. A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) unit is an vital device in obstruction lighting system to backup obstruction lights for continuous operation in the event of power loss.

The UPS unit is compatible for a wide primary AC input from 165VAC to 265VAC. Built-in inverter circuity, battery charger, and high-quality VRLA battery packs for some sub-models or external battery box connected to UPS, provide continuous AC power when primary input AC power is interrupted.

Incorporated surge protector, the UPS is capable of protecting obstruction lighting system from voltage fluctuation and lightning strikes.

REDDOT provides both Standby UPS and Online UPS solutions. UPS capacity is customizable to suit various backup time for obstruction lighting systems.

For obstruction lighting system with high power consumption, or longer backup time required, an extended battery box with high quality SLA UPS battery packs combines with UPS main engine. The combination of UPS engine and extended battery box provide sufficient backup power to obstruction lighting system after blackout.

Key Parameters

165-265VAC, 50-60Hz

Optional Input Voltage

Equal to input voltage

Output Voltage

Max. OB outputs

Max. alarm outputs

Circuit Breaker





  • Input voltage range: 165-265VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Over-voltage cut-off function to provide best input protection
  • Pure sinewave adaptable to harsh environment
  • Built-in high quality VRLA battery or external battery connection port to suit various backup time
  • Intelligent battery management to protect UPS from overcharge, overload and deep discharge
  • Built-in surge protector against voltage fluctuation or lightning strikes
  • UPS compatible SLA batteries, high discharge rate performance and long floating charging lifetime


ItemUPS backup Specifications
Input Voltage165-265VAC, 50-60Hz
Power Factor>0.6 for Standby UPS; >0.9 for online UPS
Efficiency>0.6 for Standby UPS; >0.9 for online UPS
Rated Power500-3000VA
Max. loading power300-2700W
Rated output voltage220VAC+10%
Waveform typeApproximate to a sinewave
TopologyStandby or Online
Transfer Time<10ms for standby UPS, 0ms for online UPS
Battery TypeMaintenance-free VRLA
Built-in battery voltage & capacity (Note1)12V/7Ah, 24V/7Ah
External battery voltage (Note2)24VDC / 36VDC / 48VDC / 72VDC / 96VDC
Recharge time< 10 hours
Backup hoursDepends on requirements
Operaton Temperature0 – 40 °C
Operation Humidity20-95% RH non-condensing
Net Weight5KG – 15KG
Dimension (H*W*Depth)Min.: 317*198*79mm; Max.: 393*328*190mm
EnclosureABS (Indoor, IP20) SS304 (Outdoor, IP65)
1) Not all UPS models come with built-in batteries. 12V/7Ah and 24V/7Ah are two typical built-in battery size.
2) For UPS with external battery voltage port, there is no built-in battery in UPS master machine, but with a battery voltage port to connect external battery box.
ItemExtended Battery Specifications
Battery TypeMaintenance-free VRLA
Battery VoltageGranularity: 12VDC In series and/or parallel: 24VDC / 36VDC / 48VDC / 72VDC / 96VDC
Battery Capacity9Ah / 18Ah / 26Ah / 38Ah / 65Ah
Operaton TemperatureCharge: 0℃ ~40℃; Discharging: -20℃ ~55℃; Storage: -15℃ ~50℃
Capacity Affected by Temperature103%C20 @40℃; 100% C20@25℃; 86% C20@0 ℃
Net Weight10KG – 35KG
Dimension (H*W*Depth)470mmx450mmx310mm / 585mmx450mmx310mm
EnclosureDeep drawing steel sheet (Indoor, IP40) SS304 (Outdoor, IP65)

Ordering Code

UPS Ordering Code
SeriesUPS typeRated Power (VA-W)Battery internal/ExternalInternal battery capacity (V-Ah)External battery voltageIndoor/Outdoor
UPSST (Standby)VariableINB (Built-in battery)VariableVariableID (Indoor)
ON (Online)EXB (external battery)OD (Outdoor)
E.g: UPS-ST-500300-INB-127-ID = UPS, standby type, rated power 500VA/300W, with built-in battery pack 12V/7Ah, indoor box
Extended Battery Box Ordering Code
SeriesBattery capacity (V-Ah)Indoor/Outdoor
BATUVariableID (Indoor)
OD (Outdoor)
E.g.: BATU-2418-ID = UPS extended battery box, with 24V/18Ah SLA battery, indoor type

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