OLS10S-B108 Solar Powered Low Intensity Obstruction Light

Short Description

  • Designed for steady burning>10cd
  • Color & light source: red, OSRAM LEDs
  • Equipped with 10W solar panel and 12V/8Ah VRLA battery
  • Autonomy: 10 days in PSH≥4 zone
  • Optional functions: Flashing/GPS/Wireless monitoring/NVG Compatible


  • Obstacle Light Low Intensity Type A, ICAO Annex 14 Volume I July 2018


OLS10S is an ICAO certified solar powered low intensity obstruction light. OLS10S steady-burning conforms to ICAO Obstacle Lighting low intensity type A.

A solar panel attached to OLS10S’s light body is angle-adjustable from 9 to 60 degrees. It enables OLS10S to adapt to different latitudes and collect as much solar energy as possible. Embedded MPPT (Maximized Power Point Tracking) microcontroller maximizes solar power output.

Incorporated SBM (Smart Battery Management) program reduces energy consumption. By detecting ambient solar irradiance, OLS10S can self-adjust LED outputs for extending autonomy. It also protects the VRLA battery pack from over-charging and over-discharging.

Same optical design as FS810, OLS10S’s LED head is deployed with 16 units of ultra-bright OSRAM LEDs. REDDOT novel convex lens optimizes photometric performance. In addition to regular visible red color, OLS10S NVG compatible version with IR LEDs or Red/IR dual LEDs is a night vision solution for pilots being able to view obstruction lights using Night Vision Goggles.

OLS10S-B108 comes with 10W-PV 8AH-battery. Once fully charged, the autonomy can reach up to 10 days (suitable for PSH≥4).