AMP80/100/150S-VB Mounting bracket for F864/F865/F86465/OLS/OLIS/OMS2K/FS810

  • Suitable for F864/F865/F86465/OLS/OLIS/OMS2K/FS810
  • Material: SS304
  • Mounting type: U-bolt holders, suitable for angular or tubular steel structures
  • Suitable structure size: 40-125mm angular length/42-150mm tubular diameter
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Compared to AMP-VB, AMP-S-VB series mounting bracket with a trapezoid support plate is capable of supporting heavy obstruction lighting models (OLS/OLIS/FS810/OMS2K series solar OB lights), and better wind-resistant for F864/F86465/F865 medium intensity obstruction lights.

The bracket design of perpendicular backplate with U-bolt holders allows users to mount obstruction lights onto skeletal structures, such as telecom towers, transmission towers.

Made of SS304, AMP bracket kit is robust against corrosion and harsh environment.

Three sizes of U-bolt holders are capable of suiting length 40-125mm angular structures or diameter 42-150mm tubular structures.


  • SS304 main plate and fasteners
  • Three sizes of U-bolt holders to suit length 40-125mm angular structures or diameter 42-150mm tubular structures
  • AMP-VB-80 applicable for both horizontal and vertical structures
  • trapezoid plate for supporting heavy weight and wind resistant


AMP-S-VB Specifications
ItemsAMP-S-VB Series Bracket Specifications
Plate materialSS304
Fasteners materialSS304
U-bolt Holders materialSS304
U-bolt part number80100150
Applicable angle/tube orientationHorizontal & VerticalVerticalVertical
Suitable angular length40-70mm63-80mm90-125mm
Suitable tubular diameter42-80mm60-100mm90-150mm
Suitable modelsF864/F86465/F865/OLS/OLIS/FS810/OMS2K

Ordering Code

AMP80/100/150S-VB ordering code
SeriesU-bolt size (Note1)Bottom Support (Note2)Hoder typeBackplate Size
AMP80SVB (U-bolt)390
1) Refer to suitable angular length and tubular diameter for each U-bolt size in specification table. 40100 is the combination of 80 & 100; 60150 is the combination of 100 & 150; 40150 is the combination of 80, 100 and 150.
2) A support plate on the bottom of the main bracket is for strengthenning load bearing.
E.g.: AMP40150S-VB-390, mounting bracket for F864/F86465/F865/OLS/OLIS/FS810/OMS2K, SS304, 390mm main plate, u-bolt holders for 40-125mm angular length or 42-150mm tubular diameter.

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