PL32D Solar Powered Low Intensity Double Obstruction Light

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Short Description

  • Red flashing > 32cd, two lamps flash synchronously
  • Color & light source: red, Philips LEDs
  • Equipped with 1.8W solar panel and 3.6V/16Ah NiMH battery/single light
  • Autonomy: 35 days in PSH≥3 zone


  • Obstacle Light Low Intensity Type E, ICAO Annex 14 Volume I July 2018


PL32D solar double obstruction light consists of two units of PL32S solar single lights. Thanks to the embedded “Master-Slave” program, the solar double aviation lighting system can synchronize flashing two lamps.

Similar to PL32S, each single solar light of PL10D comes with 1.8W solar panel and 3.6V/16AH NiMH battery. Two single solar lights are connected via a shielded cable and IP68 connector.

With built-in photocell and microcontroller, PL32D solar double aviation light system automatically flashes synchronously at night. Incorporated intelligent solar-battery management programs, PL32D is capable of working up to 35 days during rainy and cloudy days(Suitable for PSH≥3).