OMARKP 300mm Aircraft Warning Sphere

Short Description
  • Diameter: 300mm
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Suitable for 6mm-26.5mm conductor diameter
  • Easily deploy with preformed armor rods
  • Suitable for <150KV transmission line
  • ICAO Annex 14 Volume I 2018, Chapter 6
  • FAA 70/7460-1L
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Aircraft warning sphere is designed to provide daytime visual warning or nighttime visual warning if comes with reflective tape, for electricity transmission line and overhead wire for aircraft pilots, especially cross river high voltage transmission lines. RedDot OMARKP power line marker ball is made of high-grade polyethylene, With light-weight and integral design, OMARKP marker ball is easier to install on power line.

An aircraft warning marker should be of one color such as aviation orange, white and red. Generally, the marking spheres are placed on the highest line. Where there is more than one line at the highest level, white and red, or white and orange spheres should be displayed alternately. This alternating color scheme provides the most conspicuity against all back ground.


• Compact size, light weight
• Polyethylene durable material with better weather resistant
• Eliminating complex fasteners, Integral design makes installation easier
• One OMARKP sphere can fit all sizes of power line conductor between 6mm and 26.5mm
• Optional Preformed Armor Rods for fixing OMARKP on power line
• Optional Reflective tape is more durable and economical solution for night visibility


OMARKP specifications
ItemOMARKP Specifications
Visible distance1200 meters
Voltage range<150KV
Conductor diameter6-26.5mm
ColorOrange, Red, White
Sphere bodyPolyethylene
Optional• Preformed Armor Rods • Reflective Strip
Warranty2 years

Ordering Code

OMARKP marking sphere Ordering Code
SeriesSphere DiameterColorCable diameter(mm)Armor rodsReflective strips
OMARKP300 (300mm)O(Orange)Variable[BLANK] (without armor rods)[BLANK] (without reflective strips)
R(Red)AR (with armor rods)RS (with reflective strips)
E.g.: OMARKP300O12.5AR means a 300mm diameter warning sphere, orange color, with preformed armor rods, for diameter 12.5mm conductor

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