AKU80/100/150-VB Mounting bracket for OL32/OL100 single/double obstruction lights

  • Suitable for OL32S/OL100S/OL32D/OL100D
  • Material: SS304
  • With IP67 waterproof kit
  • Suitable structure size: length 40-125mm angular structures or diameter 42-150mm tubular structures
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AKU-VB series mounting bracket is suitable for OL32/OL100 low intensity obstruction lights with G3/4’’ threaded bottom hub.

The bracket design of perpendicular backplate with U-bolt holders allows users to mount OL32/OL100 single or double lights onto skeletal structures, such as telecom towers, transmission towers.

Made of SS304, AKU bracket kit is robust against corrosion and harsh environment.

With 3-piece waterproof fitting in AKU bracket kit, the protection grade of OL32/OL100 can reach up to IP67.

Three sizes of U-bolt holders are capable of suiting length 40-125mm angular structure or diameter 42-150mm tubular structure.


  • SS304 main plate and fasteners
  • With IP67 waterproof kit
  • Three sizes of U-bolt holders to suit length 40-125mm angular structures or diameter 42-150mm tubular structures
  • AKU-VB-80 applicable for both horizontal and vertical structures


AKU-VB Specifications
ItemsAKU Series Specifications
Plate materialSS304
Fasteners materialSS304
U-bolt Holders materialSS304
U-bolt part number80100150
Applicable angle/tube orientationHorizontal & VerticalVerticalVertical
Suitable angular length40-70mm63-80mm90-125mm
Suitable tubular diameter42-80mm60-100mm90-150mm
Suitable modelsOL32S/OL100S/OL100S/OL100D

Ordering Code

AKU80/100/150-VB ordering code
SeriesU-bolt size (Note1)Hoder typeBackplate Size (Note2)
AKU80VB (U-bolt)200
1) Refer to suitable angular length and tubular diameter for each U-bolt size in specification table. 40100 is the combination of 80 & 100; 60150 is the combination of 100 & 150; 40150 is the combination of 80, 100 and 150.
2) Both sizes of bakplate fit all mentioned U-bolt sizes.
E.g.: AKU40150-VB-200, mounting bracket for OL32S/OL32D/OL100S/OL100D, SS304, 200mm main plate, u-bolt holders for 40-125mm angular length or 42-150mm tubular diameter.

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