OL100S LED Low Intensity Single Aviation Obstruction Light

Short Description

  • Peak intensity: >100cd, effective intensity>50cd
  • Available voltage & rated power: 85-265VAC/48VDC/24VDC/12VDC, 6W
  • Color & light source: red, OSRAM LEDs
  • Optional functions: Flashing/Built-in photocell/dry alarm contacts


  • Obstacle Light Low Intensity Type A, Type B, Type E, ICAO Annex 14 Volume I July 2018
  • L-810, L-810 (F), FAA AC No. 150/5345-43J
  • DGAC Mexico


OL100 series low intensity obstruction light complies with low intensity standard of ICAO and FAA. Brighter than OL32, OL100’s effective intensity is over 50 candelas and peak intensity is over 100 candelas.

OL100S single LED module consists of 8 ultra-bright OSRAM LEDs. The polycarbonate Fresnel lens concentrates and distributes LED light beams to output standard-compliant intensity and distribution. The efficient optical system and low-energy circuit design make OL100S only consume 6 watts.

More flexible than OL32S, OL100S single low intensity obstruction light comes with functions including photocell auto/manual adjustable and flash rate adjustable. It also allows users to configure OL100S as a stand-alone unit or controller-dependent unit via an internal toggle switch.

With a G3/4’’ universal threaded hub on the bottom, OL100S can be mounted on a conduit or with REDDOT brackets designed for towers and buildings. There is a terminal block on its power board inside for wiring. Prewired cable makes wiring easier without opening light head.

OL100S single obstruction light can be used on top of structures less than 45m. In most cases, multiple OL100S single low intensity obstruction lights are installed in one or more horizontal levels for marking a structure’s outline with medium intensity obstruction lights.