CMCT210E-MI-4TXF864 Medium Intensity Aviation Obstruction Lighting System for chimneys/cooling towers

Solution Series No.: CMCT210E-MI-4TXF864

Chimneys / cooling towers (unpainted)

Structure Type



Obstruction Lighting Arrangement

  • All obstruction lights in this system are red medium intensity beacons, red flashing 2,000cd+25% at nighttime.
  • There are four levels of obstruction lights in this system. At least three medium intensity red/white dual beacons near top-level ( 6m lower than the top edge) to avoid chemical emissions and heat generated from the chimney or cooling tower. At least three medium intensity red beacons are on ½, ¼, ¾ level, respectively.
  • The quantity at each level depends on the diameter of the horizontal plane the lights.

Standard Reference

  • ICAO Annex 14 Volume I 2018, Appendix 5-3: Medium Intensity fixed-red obstacle lighting system, Type C
  • Aerodrome Design Manual Doc 9157 Part 4

Key Points


Operation Time


Illumination Color

4 levels

OB Levels

Medium Intensity

Intensity Type

Electric powered

Power Type


Built-in photocell, External photocell, Control box

Control Type



Through built-in dry contacts in OB lights, Through dry contacts in control box

Alarm Via

UPS backup box for AC OB system

Backup Power

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