HB210E-MI-3TXF865 White Medium Intensity Aviation Obstruction Lighting System for high-rise buildings

Solution Series No.: HB210E-MI-3TXF865

High-rise buildings

Structure Type



Obstruction Lighting Arrangement

  • Two or more white medium intensity beacons are on top-level, 1/3 level and 2/3 level of the building, white flashing 20,000cd+25% at daytime and 2,000cd+25%  at nighttime.

Standard Reference

  • ICAO Annex 14 Volume I 2018, Appendix 5-1: Medium Intensity flashing-white obstacle lighting system, Type A
white medium intensity obstruction lights for tall buildings
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Key Points


Operation Time


Illumination Color

3 levels

OB Levels

Medium Intensity

Intensity Type

Electric powered

Power Type


Built-in photocell, Control box

Control Type



Through built-in dry contacts in OB lights, Through dry contacts in control box

Alarm Via

Battery backup box for DC OB system, UPS backup box for AC OB system

Backup Power

Solution Products

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