OM2K LED Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

Short Description

  • Effective intensity: 2000cd+25%
  • Operation mode: Steady/Flashing (20-60FPM)
  • Available voltage: 85-265VAC/48VDC/24VDC/12VDC
  • Optional functions: Built-in photocell/dry alarm contacts


  • Obstacle Light Medium Intensity Type B, Type C, ICAO Annex 14 Volume I July 2018


OM2K is a compact and lightweight LED medium intensity obstruction light. It only consumes 25W at steady burning and 5W at flashing.

12 pieces of ultra-bright OSRAM LEDs surface-mounted on an aluminum column composes of OM2K’s LED module. The optical part is based on Fresnel lens, a transformed convex lens that concentrates light beams to a small specific angel to meet with ICAO requirements.

OM2K medium intensity obstruction light is equipped with a heatsink on top for enhanced thermal cooling. The straight fin arrangement of the heatsink maximizes airflow to optimize heat dissipation performance and stability.

OM2K is usually installed on towers and other tall structures over 45 meters. It can work independently with self-controlled configurations (e.g., built-in photocell, alarm relay, flasher) as an economical solution. In most cases, one or more OM2K units group with multiple levels of low intensity obstruction lights as an OB system, controlled and monitored by a control box.