TT105E-MILI-XF864XOL32100S Medium-Low Intensity Aviation Obstruction Lighting System for telecommunication towers

Solution Series No.: TT105E-MILI-XF864XOL32100S

Telecommunication towers (painted)

Structure Type



Obstruction Lighting Arrangement

  • One or two F864/OM2K medium intensity obstruction lights are on top of a tower, red steady/flashing 2000cd+25% at night
  • 2-4 OL32S/OL100S low intensity single obstruction lights are on the middle of the tower, red steady>32.5cd at night

Standard Reference

  • ICAO Annex 14 Volume I 2018, Appendix 5-2: Medium Intensity flashing-red obstacle lighting system, Type B
  • FAA 70/7460-1L, Red Obstruction Light standard style A

Key Points


Operation Time


Illumination Color

2 levels

OB Levels

Medium Intensity + Low Intensity

Intensity Type

Electric powered

Power Type


Built-in photocell, External photocell, Control box

Control Type



Through built-in dry contacts in OB lights, Through dry contacts in control box

Alarm Via

Battery backup box for DC OB system, UPS backup box for AC OB system

Backup Power

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