OL500 LED Low Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light

Short Description

  • Effective intensity: >300cd, Peak intensity: >500cd
  • Available voltage & rated power rate: 85-265VAC/48VDC/24VDC/12VDC, 27W
  • Color & light source: red, OSRAM LEDs
  • Optional functions: Built-in photocell/dry alarm contacts/GPS
  • NVG compatible available with IR LEDs or Red/IR dual LEDs



OL500 series low intensity obstruction light is specially designed for countries with a higher aviation standard than ICAO. It is also a perfect low intensity model for foggy or smoggy areas.

OL500 LED module consists of 16 pieces of ultra-bright OSRAM LEDs. REDDOT novel convex lens optimizes photometric performance. Exceeding low intensity standard of ICAO and FAA, its effective intensity is over 300 candelas and peak intensity exceeds 500 candelas. Its visibility is more conspicuous than OL32, OL100 and OL200 at night.

OL500 NVG compatible version with IR LEDs or Red/IR dual LEDs is a night vision solution for pilots being able to view obstruction lights using Night Vision Goggles.

OL500 low intensity obstruction light can be used on top of structures less than 45m. In some cases, OL500 units with multiple OL32/OL100 lights on the middle are capable of marking the outline of a structure.